Christmas Fun & a New Project in Spearfish

Sunrise over Four Peaks

Current things Mattie likes, trash truck, hiding things, hiding herself, riding her Strider, singing, crayons, and chalk. It’s been a fun couple of months as she really has begun to talk up a storm and is getting the hang of her strider bike.

We spent Christmas at our new house in Spearfish, South Dakota with Evie’s family. It’s very much a work in progress, but we got a smoking deal after searching around Spearfish for nearly 2 years. The former owner collected classic cars and sold his collection of nearly 50 cars at auction in 2012 for 1.2M. Apparently Jay Leno was in attendance.

The house was built in 1965 and has a lot of mid-century character with room to turn one of the garages into a master suite and add a rec room downstairs. It will be a fun project and a great place to go to in the summer when Arizona gets hot!

Here is the full car collection with some photos.

Les Schuchardt, car collector.

New Spearfish House
New Spearfish House
Lots of garages
Kind of ugly at the moment with lots of garages. We have plans.
Awesome fireplace with lots of character.
Awesome fireplace with lots of character.
Cool exposed beams.
Cool exposed beams.
Great location by the creek and City Park.
We scored a great location by the creek and City Park.

Been doing some riding. Planning to ramp up to Whiskey 50 in April and then just relax and fun ride this summer (and work on the new house among lots of other fun things to do close by in the Black Hills). Capping the summer off with the Dakota Five-O race of course.

The MBAA season kicked off a few weeks back with McDowell Meltdown. I raced Estrella race #2 this past weekend and placed 3rd in the marathon race. These youngsters are getting fast! Evie raced Singlespeed at McDowell and won that one, and placed 2nd at Estrella. I will be putting a bigger gear on her bike for the next race, ha.

Bartlett Lake Dam.
Arizona has lots of dams. Bartlett Lake Dam pictured here on my ride.
Bartlett Lake in the distance.
Bartlett Lake in the distance.

Until next time…

Oh Christmas Tree

Roosevelt Lake & Four Peaks

Tis the season for Christmas tree hunting. Christmas was my grandma’s favorite time of year. She passed away last week just shy of her 92nd birthday. She lived a full life with 8 kids and dozens of grandkids!

Last month we remodeled the master bath. Only thing left to do is carpet in the bedrooms now.

We got our Christmas tree out at our secret spot again in the Tonto National Forest. Mattie has had fun pulling on the lights and branches, only pulled it over a few times now. Maybe should have gone with the Charlie Brown tree instead.

Lots of time on the bike for Mattie as she gets bigger and stronger. It’s been fun.

Christmas Tree 2021
Christmas Tree 2021

Mattie is 18 Months

Mattie 18 Months Thumbnail

Time hasn’t really flown by, but Mattie is certainly bigger than she was a few months ago!

Since last writing, Evie and I raced the Dakota Five-O Labor Day weekend, one of our favorite weekend’s of the year. We also raced a team relay at Fire on the Rim another 50-mile mountain bike raced and then we did the duo Chino Grinder a 110-mile gravel race the weekend after.

I spent last weekend at Sunrise Ski Resort putting on our first of two enduro races for the MBAA. A little snow the week prior made for a great weekend.

Now that the season is done it’s time to tear out our master bathroom and renovate. The last room to go (minus getting new carpet in the bedrooms eventually).

The weather is turning beautiful in Scottsdale and Mattie is making lots of friends at the park. Until later.

Valley of the Sun
Beautiful weather in the desert right now.