Summer Begins in Spearfish

Whew, taking a minute to reflect back on the last few months. In April I raced the Whiskey Off-Road and placed 4th. Raced a great race after years of bad luck and blow ups climbing out of Skull Valley! I followed that up a week later with a win at Flagstaff Frenzy, the final race in the MBAA series.

Been taking a break from riding the past few weeks working on house projects in Spearfish. Will get back on the horse soon and gear up for the 2nd half of the season later this summer.

Right after Flag we journeyed up to our new summer destination in Spearfish. After a few days of thrift store shopping and Craigslist/FB Marketplace furnishings we got things pretty well setup.

Spent the spring mapping out projects and getting things ordered so I could jump on the egress windows right away. Did some yard grading, lots of odds and ends, replaced a bunch of leaky valves, water heater, old wiring, and planned out future projects. It was a productive May.

A quick trip back to AZ to put on the AZ State Champs in Prescott made for a fun MBAA retreat with staff. Got some good plans in place for 2023 and beyond. The fall enduro series kicks off in October so I’ll be prepping for that over the summer along with more house projects, biking, and playing with Mattie.

Lately Mattie’s favorite things are… chasing ducks, looking for deer, honks from trash truck, building forts, and going on hikes/mtb rides. Some photos for your enjoyment. Cheers!

Flagstaff Frenzy
Flagstaff Frenzy
Lucy dog
Lucy dog.
Spearfish Canyon
Spearfish Canyon
Bike garage
Bike garage

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  1. Evie, Sounds like you live a busy and adventurous life. I’m betting Matte is a handful but you probably wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s a cutie no doubt!

    We think about you guys from time to time when we visit son Jeff and family in Chandler. It would be fun to catch up sometime.

    Still doing Carey’s on Friday nights although it hasn’t been a steady event ‘every’ Friday over the last few years with Covid plus Nick had some medical issues in the last 6/8 months. Boyd Bristol fills in several Fridays which keeps everyone coming back etc. They are still the best 2 hours of the week.

    Awesome you are going to summer in Spearfish. We visit the Hills a couple of times a year but stay at a friends cabin way south of Custer. Love it out there.
    Fun to see your success….. congrats!

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