Mattie Turns 3

Here we are again, back in South Dakota. January feels like lightyears ago. It was a cool and wet spring in Arizona which made for lots of wildflowers, waterfalls and releasing lots of water from the damns to reduce flooding.

Mattie loves her new preschool, CASY, She goes 2 days a week and will be back in the fall. Toddlerhood is still wild and crazy. When she wakes up each morning she says “I got bigger!”

This week she rode her pedal bike for the first time by herself thanks to her momma. Now she’s off to the park and Hatchery and spillway by her own mobility which is cool.

The MBAA season felt long this year, I believe I’m in my 6th year now as director after being on the board for 2 or 3 years before that. We were able to mix it up with a mass start format for our last race due to snow in Flagstaff forcing us to move the race down to McDowell. It’s actually been a super nice May in Arizona with relatively cool temperatures. On race day it was only 70 degrees.

Grandma Marie passed away in March. Lots of good memories at my grandparents house in Wisconsin playing in Lake Michigan.

I raced Whiskey 50 in Prescott at the end of April. Planning on the Dakota Five-O and the Pike’s Peak Apex in September so I didn’t make a huge push to ride as much in January/February like I normally would. Luckily I’ve raced enough, especially the Whiskey, to trust my fueling and pacing and ended up pulling off a 2nd place.

We’ve been in South Dakota a little over a week and made a lot of progress on the garage and a handful of other projects. For the year you spend planning, ordering materials and strategizing, you are still always hit by curveballs, usually minor, but always good to brace yourself ahead of time for unknows when you start opening up walls and concrete, especially in bathrooms. So far things have gone really smooth on this garage remodel though.

Evie is doing the Pine Island Gravel Grinder so we’re going to go scope out the new racecourse this weekend and do some hiking with Mattie & Lucy. Cheers!

Desert snow. Seems to be a once a year occurrence lately.

Garage demo underway!


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  1. You’re having fun with Maddie! She got personality! Enjoy all your adventures! Happy Birthday to Maddie!❤️

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