2020 Draws to a Close

Mattie is almost 8 months old! She’s crawling everywhere and pulling herself up. She’s always moving.

When we did the turf in the backyard I never thought how great it would be with a kid. I love it even more now. It’s like having another living room. She loves it out there.

I setup a home gym out back and Mattie likes to workout with dad. We have also been going on a lot of Chariot  (bike trailer) rides. I did not realize how great that would be. She pretty much sleeps the entire time, but it’s a great way for her to get in a long nap and me to get some bonus miles.

We cut down our Christmas tree and even cut a Mattie size tree for the patio.

Around the house I’ve been painting some doors and put on new hardware and my dad helped me make a live edge shelf out of a piece of wood from a tree at Evie’s parent’s house. I also added under cabinet lights and tiled the backsplash. Just waiting on our stove.

The MBAA season is suppose to begin next month. As of right now everything is going ahead as scheduled, we’ll see what happens. It’s a little hard to get super motivated to train so in addition to some riding I’ve been doing a lot of backyard workouts and hiking with Mattie to keep it fun.

Happy Holidays!

Kitchen Backsplash
Tiling the backsplash & under cabinet lights.
Live Edge
Wrap around live edge shelf.
Test drove a Tesla Model Y the other day, it’s very fast! (and quiet)

2 Replies to “2020 Draws to a Close”

  1. What a happy smile, where are the teeth?? I love the one of her standing next to the table, she knows she has accomplished something pretty special.

  2. Wow!!! Mattie is sure the star of the show….she is adorable!! Also, love your kitchen! The wood live edge counter is amazing!! Glad you’re doing so well, you three!! Take good care of each other – Happy Holidays!❤

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