‘Tis the Season of Wild Critters

Christmas will be here before we know it! My parents came to town the weekend before Thanksgiving, so we stayed put for Thanksgiving itself sharing the day with friends who didn’t have family nearby.

A few weeks earlier Evie, Lucy and I went for a hike on a section of the AZT. Lucy tree’d a whole posse of these critters called Coati or Coatimundi. Similar to a racoon, just a little bigger with a bushier tail. They are very rare in Arizona and are said to only travel as far north as Tucson. We were northeast of Phoenix!

The rarely seen Coati in Arizona on a hike near Sycamore Creek.

On another adventure this past weekend, we headed up towards the town of Young with some friends of ours to cut down a Christmas tree. We found a good one, along with some spectacular canyons and overlooks. Arizona, you’re pretty awesome!

Young Hwy
A super cool overlook we found on our trip up Young Hwy.
Canyon near Roosevelt Lake
Big Canyon near Roosevelt Lake.
Christmas Tree 2018
Our decorated Christmas tree.



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