The Summer Adventures Continue…

Whew, it’s been a while. Summer has been going strong. We spend 4th of July in Watertown, SD which is always a great time of year to be in South Dakota! On the way we drove through Spearfish and rode some of the Dakota Five-O course that we’ll be racing Labor Day weekend. Lots of changes this year and a ton of reroutes. Good stuff!

We spent a good part of our summer in Winter Park, CO which also happened to be where the Mountain Bike National Championships were being held. Probably our favorite place in Colorado. So many hikes and mountain town exploring to be had, and great riding.

Evie won the Enduro National Championship Title!
Tim Enduro Podium 5th
A good weekend!

Before heading back to AZ we made trip up to Bozeman, MT to visit our friend’s Harry & Diane. Evie did the Big Sky BME race as well.

Right as we got back to AZ the Colorado Rockies came to town and played the Diamondbacks. So we went to watch our next door neighbor Tony play. Since the Diamonbacks aren’t doing so how we got great seats at a good price!

In other sad news, the trusty Honda Pilot transmission started to slip in 3rd gear while we were up in Montana. It held up for the drive back to AZ, but got progressively worse as the miles went on. We decided 290k was good enough and decided to retire her.

After much research, car shopping, and debate over what our next vehicle would be, we settled on a 2013 VW Touareg TDI. The turbo diesel engine should get us a good 300-400k miles and it’s an absolute hoot to drive. Plus it has incredible torque and can tow 7000-lbs. Of course, I had to keep the emblem off the Pilot.

Next up, Evie, Lucy and I head to Spearfish, SD for our annual Dakota Five-O Labor Day trip!

Until next time 🙂

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