Spring Training with Lucy the Trail Dog

Once February hit it seemed like things change from Winter to Spring overnight. We haven’t had drop of rain or snow for nearly 6+ weeks. The trails are dry, at least a lower elevations, and the temps have been in the 60s nearly everyday. These conditions made for some great training days and adventure miles.

One of my coolest adventure rides was my 100-mile, 10.000′ el. ride into the Blue Wilderness from Alpine. Reaching 9000+ feet and dropping down to below 6000′ the ride took me from pine trees and snow down to cactus and heat. Pretty cool to have so much variety here in AZ.

Another great ride was the up and over 4 Peaks, another 10,000 el. ride. That’s probably my favorite mtb training ride I’ve done yet.

Our friends Trevor and Karlene moved to Prescott last fall and this past weekend was our first opportunity to get together. We rode in Prescott on Saturday and then Sedona on Sunday. Such a great weekend!

The girls did their own ride Sat. and then Sunday we stopped by the Sedona Mtb Festival, visited with some friends and then took the girls on HiLine one of the harder double black trails in Sedona. They rocked it! We sessioned the chute a few times which made for a fun day of riding in beautiful Sedona.

Lucy the Energizer Doggy

I’ve been slowly training Lucy into shape this winter. I gotta say it’s worked, she’s FAST! After hiking 10-miles with our friend Cristin on Sunday we rode 8+ miles Monday and then another 5 Wednesday and I gotta say I was having a hard time keeping up with HER! By the end of both days I could tell she still had plenty more in her legs. I think she’s ready for the doggy Olympics…

It’s pretty cool to watch her as she mostly runs in front of you on the trail, over logs full speed. Cruising down a fire road section I looked down at my Garmin and we were holding 25+ mph! Needless to say I may have created a little monster :p

Local Racing Picks Up

This weekend is the Fat Tire 40 sponsored by McDowell Mountain Cycles, followed next weekend by MBAA #4 at White Tanks. This week I started my first set of intervals for the season so looking forward to some good training these next few weekends as we get closer to the first bigger race of the season, for me at least, Whiskey 50.

A change up to the course should make this year a great time.

Some photo’s from my recent adventures….

Top of Four Peaks
View form the top of Four Peaks.
Coronado Trail
The Coronado Trail winding through the Blue Wilderness.
Blue Vista
Blue Vista Overlook on my ride through the Blue.
Start of HiLine
The Start of HiLine trail in Sedona.
Tim & Evie in Sedona
Evie and I in Sedona.
Lucy the Trail Dog
And Finally… Lucy our super fit trail dog!

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