Spring turns to Summer, then back to Winter

Well, we’ve made our migration to Colorado for the summer. As I sit here on this May the 21st and look out the window, there are about 8″ of snow on the ground that fell last night… so, I guess it’s not quite summer yet.


A lot of house projects happened this spring. I finished the front and back yard which involved spreading rock and adding a brick apron along the edges of the driveway. Finally got my kitchen (base) trim finished, will do the crown molding in the fall along with the backsplash and live edge shelf that we’re going to finish and stain.

Our orange tree is doing super well and is surprisingly bustling with fruit so we should have full blown oranges come next fall.

I finished the MBAA season strong with wins at White Tanks and Prescott and won the series overall for the 2nd time. May was pretty busy with races. I tried my hand at gravel racing with the Chino Grinder and placed 4th. It was a really, really fun day (albeit 115 miles), but the riding company was good and the pace not too terrible (until the end :).

The Epic Rides Whiskey Off Road and Grand Junction Off Road events were my big two for the spring. Whiskey had some rider traffic issues that put a bit of a sour end to what started as a good ride, I finished 11th.

The Grand Junction trails are the most technical and fun anywhere. I had a really strong race and finished 4th.

Chino Grinder Start 2019
Chino Grinder Start
Grand Junction Off Road 2019
Grand Junction Off Road Podium 2019

MBAA Series Champion Marathon

Lots of summer trips planned including a few of the Big Mountain Enduro races and then Mountain Bike Nationals right here in Winter Park, CO before heading back to Arizona. Until then…

Whiskey Off Road - Les Stukenberg Photographer
Whiskey Off Road – photo courtesy of Les Stukenberg Photographer
Fate Brewing
Our favorite brewery returns to its original name “Fate”
Silly Doggy
Silly Doggy

3 Replies to “Spring turns to Summer, then back to Winter”

  1. Yuck on the snow! Is it really May? Not great weather here. Backyard looks great!! ❤️

  2. Did you do all the remodeling, yourself? If you did, wow! Not a big fan of the snow in May. That’s why we put off Breck until the very end of June. Have a great summer!

    1. Yep, and my dad helped me with the kitchen. It’s been a beautiful May in Arizona! See you guys in Breck when the snow melts 🙂

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