Waiting for Baby and The Return of Pickleball

Evie is in her third trimester and going strong. She’s still riding the mountain bike and we’ve been playing a lot of pickleball up until a few weeks ago.

We got through the first 3 MBAA races in January and February with another record breaking turnout. I had a good start to the racing year, out sprinting World Champ Ned Overend in the first race. Then coming from behind at Estrella, race #2 to beat Olympian Todd Wells. All in good fun. At Havasu I had a fun time riding with Joe for most of the day, but he was just a bit too strong for me to hang onto on the final lap.

We had to cancel the 2nd half of the MBAA season, but I  got to do some big rides and explore some new places near home before the quarantine. We’ve got the guest bedroom/baby’s room organized and a fresh coat of paint put on.

As far as being stuck in a place goes, it’s a great time to be in Arizona. So far things have been good with the social distancing. Evie’s due date is May 5 so we’re just waiting for baby champ to make her debut into the world.

Be well.

Third Trimester
Baby Champ!
Bartlett Dam
Bartlett Dam
Bartlett Lake
Bartlett Lake
Out Riding
Fun in the sun.
Four Peaks
Four Peaks
Orange Tree
Our orange tree is budding out!
Baby Room
The guest bedroom / baby’s room is ready to go.
Food Bank Pie
Evie’s pie she made for the Midwest Food Bank Gala.
Arizona Blue
The Arizona blue scenery.
Evie third trimester
Evie going strong in her third trimester
Baby seat
Got baby Champ’s car seat installed.

There’s a Bun in the Oven

That’s right, Evie and I are going to have a baby next May. The past few months have been spent doing house projects, the occasional bike race along with a trip to Paris with our church. I’ll let the photos do the talking.


Baby Champ

Fall Colors
Fall Colors
Winter Fun
Winter Fun

Dakota Five-O and Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier

Another Labor Day weekend spent in Spearfish, SD for the Dakota Five-O. The weather was perfect, camping was great, and it was fun to catch up and visit with old friends.

With some new singletrack adding about 20-mins to the race and being a bit new, this was by far the hardest year of racing. I finished in 6th and Evie won the women’s singlespeed race!

Evie 1st Place Singlespeed Dakota Five-O 2019
Evie after 50-miles on the Dakota Five-O course riding to 1st Place Singlespeed!

Lucy turned 7 on our trip back, September 3rd.

Lucy Turns 7
My Co-Pilot for the drive to South Dakota.

As soon as I got back from South Dakota I hopped on a plane to meet my dad for a hiking trip at Mt. Rainier in Washington. A host of pictures below. Cheers!