Riding, Hiking and Baby, Oh My!

Tim Evie Mattie Broome Hut and The Cirque

It’s fortunate that the things we like to do don’t involve large crowds or being indoors. Aside from racing bikes, Evie, Mattie and I have been able to do a lot of what we normally would. Get outside, ride, hike, and explore.

For 4th of July we drove up to Spearfish, SD. It was pretty quiet, did some riding on the Five-O course and hiking to some caves around town.

My folks, sister and brother-in-law met us in Winter Park in July so they could see Mattie. We rented an AirBNB and spend the week relaxing.

On another trip to Winter Park Mattie, Evie, and I hiked Roger’s Pass up to about 12’200. There are a handful of fires in Colorado that are making for some really bad smoke.

Back in the Springs we’ve been doing some mountain biking with our nephew and the other two kids are enjoying having Mattie around.

Last Saturday I ran up Barr trail to the top of Pike’s Peak. 3-hrs 12-mins was my time. Evie, Connie and Mattie met me at the top so I didn’t have to walk down and now Mattie can say she’s been to the top of a 14er.

Enjoy the photos.

Dinner by the river
Been doing a lot of dinners by the river this summer.
Winter Park
Winter Park
Water Dog Lake Monarch
Water Dog Lake, Monarch
Mattie and Lucy
Mattie and Lucy
Evie and Mattie 4 Months
Evie and Mattie, 4 Months

Summer Fun Has Begun

Mattie is 11 weeks old. So far she’s had a pretty exciting life. She’s been on 4 hikes for a total of 12+ miles, climbed up over 11,000 ft, gone on one 11-hour road trip, been to 3 states, the zoo and in an alligators mouth.

She can hold her head up, smile and she’s starting to giggle a bit.

No racing to speak of these days, just been doing a lot of riding around Colorado Springs. Enjoy the photos, be well.

Baby Mattie Hazel Has Arrived

Saturday, April 11th, Evie gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Mattie Hazel Racette (her grandma’s name) 6-lbs 8 oz. Delivery went smooth and we went home from the hospital the next evening.

So far, parenting has been pretty great. In between feeding and sleeping we’ve gone for walks in the stroller (which also involved sleeping), sat outside in the sunshine with Lucy (also involving sleeping), and snuggles on the couch (again, more sleeping).ย She’s a good sleeper ๐Ÿ™‚

With the college semester ending this week, Evie is off until August and with all the COVID stuff, there’s really not much else to do, but enjoy the new baby and the perfect Arizona weather.

Looking forward to her daily and weekly growing to come. Enjoy some baby photos!