Full Throttle: WORS Racing & Wedding Planning

Goodbye winter, hello summer!

Somehow we missed spring, but that’s alright because the trees are blooming and WORS racing is in full swing.

With WORS racing, training for nationals in July, and wedding planning, things are getting pretty crazy. I’m trying to stay focused and be as efficient with my time as I can.

Quick WORS 1-3 RecapTim Racette Camrock - Xtreme Photography Unlimited

WORS #1 kicked off at Iola which is always a fun race because you get to see so many faces you haven’t seen all winter. Evie, Marc, Kristina and I caravanned up to the race and camped at Iola Pines. We had a good time and love our new camp stove! The race itself was just alright, didn’t have the greatest start and rolled in feeling meh, for 20th.

WORS #2 Rhinelander turned into another camping trip, meeting up with a handful of other teammates and friends made it a great weekend. The trails were awesome, fast and flowy singletrack. A lot of people make comments about it being a bumpy course, but my Top Fuel was butter and I railed every turn coming across the line 10th.

WORS #3 Camrock put even more fuel in the fire having ridden the trails quite a bit. Lots of single track and short punchy climbs. Race day was hot! Spending so much time in Arizona I tend to thrive in these conditions. I also have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to prepping for the heat.

I had a pretty good start, having practiced the start climb a half dozen times the week prior. I slotted easily into the top 10 before the first section of single track, made a tactical pass into the next section and never looked back.

After riding solo for laps 2, 3, and most of lap 4 I rolled up on Tristan which made for an exciting finish. Matching my effort from last year, I was 7th once again. Happy with that.

What I was most pleased with in my race is the consistency of my lap times. My first lap is always the fastest, the middle are usually just a bit slower, and the last lap a touch faster. At Camrock my first lap was the fastest and my last 3 laps within 20 seconds of each other, two were just 1 second difference. Pretty solid.

My Top Fuel once again rocked. I’ve never felt better ripping through single track so I’m really excited for the next race in Wausau, a course that has bigger rocks, and a few more challenging sections than Camrock.

Snake Alley

Snake Alley Crit

The weekend prior to Camrock I shot down to Burlington, Iowa for Snake Alley, a road crit up a cobble switchback climb. It’s a super fun race unlike any other crit out there. I had a pretty good go and ended up 5th in the Cat 3 race out of 70 some racers.

The race stuck together early on, so I was able to move up from the back after 2 laps, and riders started dropping off halfway through. I was pretty consistent up the climb and closed down a couple gaps on the flats fairly easily mid race. The legs were good.

Evie also raced, her first road race and got 2nd in commanding fashion.

Next up WORS Wausau, Eau Claire and then our wedding on July 5th in South Dakota!

Till next time…

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