Fall Turns to Winter

Well fall has come and gone and I didn’t get to posting once during that time. Winter is in full swing (more or less). Evie and I are living in Scottsdale, AZ for the time being, she is teaching a few classes at Grand Canyon University. Here are some of the other happenings as of late.

We came back to AZ in October for about a month before spending most of November in Colorado Springs. I got to sneak in a ride up Pike’s Peak before the weather turned bad. It was a pretty cool ride up to 14,000′.

Pikes Peak Summit
Not much oxygen at the summit!

While in Colorado we did some traveling to smaller towns across the state where Evie had some job interviews, beating most of the snow, it was a nice way to recharge before 2017 rolled around.

Fall in Colorado
Fall in Colorado

Christmas we spent in Illinois with my family. We’ve been flying on Allegiant Airlines out of Mesa and have had really great luck. All of their flights are direct and super cheap. We flew to Missoula, MT, Rockford, IL, and Colorado Springs, CO. The flight from Mesa to CO Springs was $39, pretty awesome.

2017 Begins

The MBAA season has started, it’s getting a little less weird to throw a # plate on in January. Having a marathon category is super. A great way to get in a good base ride without having to go full gas from the gun.

MBAA Racing Begins

This year I’ve moved to the role of Executive Director which I really enjoy. Registration numbers are on a dramatic rise and we are continuing to grow. Plans for a fall enduro series are in the works among other cool things!

Our friend Bobby from Grand Junction came down and stayed for a week with us. We did one of my favorite rides (right up there with Four Peaks 🙂 ) the Arizona Trail from Picket Post down to the Gila River (and back). It was a big day with long ripping descents and spectacular views.

Picket Post
Along the Picket Post descent heading towards the Gila river.
Picket Post Waterfall
A rare waterfall along the Picket Post trail.
Four Peaks Arizona
One of my favorite rides, up Four Peaks in the distance.

There is so much to explore in Arizona and we’ve barely scratched the surface!

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