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A lot to catch up on since my fractured hip incident.

My sister got married April 14th, so Evie and I traveled back to Milwaukee for a long weekend. The wedding was awesome, the weather not so much. 30s, snow, sleet, rain, 30+ mph winds, ya know the goods.

Emily's Wedding
Emily and David got married in the Basilica in Milwaukee, it was pretty spectacular.

Whiskey 50

I’ve been riding again, quite a bit. I did my first race a few weekends ago, Whiskey 50 in Prescott, just 3-1/2 months post injury, finished 7th about 2 minutes back from 3rd after 3+ hours of racing, I’ll take it. I didn’t feel great, but kept the pressure on the pedals and had a few good passes on the downhills.

Next weekend is the MBAA series finale in Flagstaff. The course is great, a good mix of everything. Then we head to Colorado for the Grand Junction Off-Road, my favorite course of any. Then after that is the Carson City Off-Road another Epic race. Now that I’m back to ~85% I’m looking to put together a few good race results, and hopefully gain some more fitness in the process.

Tim Whiskey 50 2018
Making my way towards the first descent in the Whiskey Off-Road. Photo credit Les Stukenberg
Whiskey Weekend
Me, Trevor, Todd, Chloe, Evie, and Karlene after a fun Whiskey Off-Road weekend in Prescott. Photo cred. Les Stukenberg.

I didn’t get much time to do my usual exploratory riding this year with the hip and all, but leading up to Whiskey I did a sweet ride out the Bartlett Lake Dam. A route I’ve ridden plenty, but the dam is a few miles off the pavement in what feels like the middle of the desert.

Bartlett Lake Dam
Bartlett Lake Dam
View from Barlett Lake Dam
The view from Barlett Lake Dam

Oh it get’s even better! On the one other “adventuring” ride I did I found a $100 bill, No joke! I had parked in this random pull off on the side of the road to head out to Mt. Ord for a big ride and when I returned to the car I walked around the back of the car and right there on the ground was a $100 Benjamin! I would’ve been stoked on finding a $10 bill, ha. I proceeded to stop at Subway on the way home and cashed it with no questions asked. A big payday, just for training!

100 Bill
The $100 bill I found while out riding!

New House

Oh yeah, and that other thing that happened over the course of the last few months, Evie and I bought a house just north of where we were living. The location is superb in McDowell Mountain Ranch, 90 seconds from the trails with access to all kinds of other trail heads and fun outdoor activities. We have plans to remodel, so begins the process of idea curating and putting together a road map. Some pictures below. Until next time!

Tierra Buena House
The new house!
Back Yard
The back yard.
The garage work bench.
Steady Racks
These Steady Racks were a gift from our friends Harry & Diane and they are an awesome way to store your bikes.
Our Backyard
The best trails right in our back yard!

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