New Kitchen, New Year, Same Fun!

Back at it

Another overdue update coming up. Let’s see, In October my dad and I hike the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, it’s about a 2000′ descent down to the river and really, really steep. The weather was perfect and the park was empty. Then, we spent the next two weeks remodeling the kitchen.

Prior to our hiking trip, I got things prepped and painted, took out a pantry so that we could install more cupboards and counter space. Cabinets were set to be delivered and countertop installer was on standby. All in all things worked out great. We had a few issues with some of the cabinets going missing, but they showed up just in time to finish the job.

Evie wanted a farmhouse sink which involved opening up the wall and lowering the drain. We also got a Delta touch faucet and put in an over the range exhaust hood. New cabinets, flooring, swapped out a bedroom window, can lights in the garage, new water heater, we packed a lot into just a few weeks and had a great time.

I still have to finish up the trim, but it’s quite a transformation.

After a couple week break from the kitchen I went ahead and finished the circle patio in the back yard. The last piece before we add the rock to fill things in. Evie picked out the patio furniture on Wayfair and now our backyard is nearly complete!

We spent Thanksgiving in Colorado Springs and the weather was mild. When we got back to Arizona, with the weather near perfect it was time to shift gears and start riding again. I love this time of year because of the ability to go on long exploration rides and call it base training. I found a cool geocache on one of my rides to the highest point in Scottsdale.

Christmas we spent in Antioch, the weather wasn’t too bad. We also had great luck with flights on Allegiant yet again as they started flying right into Milwaukee from Mesa which makes things super easy. After Christmas Evie’s parents and our nieces and nephews came for a visit. They had a blast riding bikes and learning about the desert. We took them to the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park in Scottsdale, the model train exhibit was out of this world.

Last weekend kicked off the first race of the MBAA series and my first race of the year, McDowell Meltdown. We had a record turnout of 984 racers and a lot of horsepower in the elite fields. I jumped in the marathon race between helping run the event which makes for a long, but super fun and rewarding day. Always great to see so many familiar faces and catch up with good friends.

A few more random pictures. Until next time…

Off-Season House Projects

The new lawn

Mid August Evie, Lucy and I returned home to Arizona. Evie started teaching and we broke ground on our long list of house projects. The first two of which are the back yard and kitchen (the two places we spend most of our time).

On Labor Day we made our annual trip to the Dakota Five-O. Trevor and I drove out with the bikes and Evie & Karlene flew. It was a shorter trip with a long drive on each end, but fun camping and hanging out with friends nonetheless. The race is always fast and long, I finished 9th.

The MBAA puts on a fall enduro series so as executive director it’s my job to map out the logistics and organize the events. The first one was up at Sunrise Ski Resort and this weekend we head to Kingman, followed by Prescott in two weeks.

Last weekend I extended our patio out back with some pavers, just in time to have the turf installed today. It took 5 guys to move the 15′ rolls from the front yard to the back, they’re heavy!

Next is the kitchen. We’ll be removing the existing pantry and putting cabinets there instead, plus replacing all the existing cabinets, flooring and a new lighting configuration. We’ll be busy these next few months!

Some photos from the summer and the backyard.

The Before
The Before.

The After!
The After!

Paver work.
Paver work.

Removing the pantry to put more cabinets.
Removing the pantry to put more cabinets.

Evie in Poncha State Park this past July.
Evie in Poncha State Park this past July.

Riding in Breckenridge for our anniversary.
Riding in Breckenridge for our anniversary.

Lizard I saw while out riding
Lizard I saw while out riding.

Yep, still Arizona
Yep, still Arizona!

Summer in Colorado, Off-Road Racing & Recharging

Lake Tahoe

Summer kicked off in mid May with our annual migration to Colorado. Evie and I both raced the Grand Junction Off-Road and then a trip to Nevada for the Carson City Off-Road in mid June.

Colorado has felt a lot like Arizona lately with highs in the mid to upper 90s and unfortunately lots of fires popping up. Hopefully the monsoons roll through soon.

Next we head on a little trip to the Midwest, then it’s back to Arizona before heading to Spearfish, SD for the Dakota Five-O Labor Day weekend.

A little highlight video from the Carson City Off-Road.

And some photos from our summer fun thus far. Cheers!

Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe, always beautiful!

The start of the Monarch Crest Trail in Salida
The start of the Monarch Crest Trail in Salida.

Evie on the Crest.
Evie on the Crest.