Mattie is 18 Months

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Time hasn’t really flown by, but Mattie is certainly bigger than she was a few months ago!

Since last writing, Evie and I raced the Dakota Five-O Labor Day weekend, one of our favorite weekend’s of the year. We also raced a team relay at Fire on the Rim another 50-mile mountain bike raced and then we did the duo Chino Grinder a 110-mile gravel race the weekend after.

I spent last weekend at Sunrise Ski Resort putting on our first of two enduro races for the MBAA. A little snow the week prior made for a great weekend.

Now that the season is done it’s time to tear out our master bathroom and renovate. The last room to go (minus getting new carpet in the bedrooms eventually).

The weather is turning beautiful in Scottsdale and Mattie is making lots of friends at the park. Until later.

Valley of the Sun
Beautiful weather in the desert right now.

Same Faces, New Places

Four Peaks

Needless to say Mattie is getting bigger, running and now climbing on everything. She loves the pool and splashing in puddles. No talking yet, just babbling and pointing, but you can tell she is learning.

Summer wrapped up with the annual trip to Spearfish, SD for the Dakota Five-O. Evie ended up 4th on the Single Speed and I was 10th. Our first weekend away since Mattie was born and it sure was nice to sleep in past 5:30 am 🙂

A couple fall races on the calendar along with organizing the MBAA Enduro races in October and getting things setup for the 2022 MBAA XC season.

Hoping to remodel our master bath this fall depending on availability of materials. I suspect lots more bike rides with Mattie as well. She’s just tall enough to touch her feet on the Strider and loves her Shotgun bike seat!

Birthday cupcake
Birthday cupcake

Adventures with Mattie

Family fun

Mattie is 15 months, I can’t really say she’s growing like a weed, but she climbs on more things every day!

Last week Evie and I raced MTB National’s. I got 5th in the Singlespeed race and Evie won her Cat 1 DH race (national champ!).

So far this summer we’ve done a little camping in Spearfish (Mattie doesn’t quite have the tent thing figured out yet) we’ve spent the rest of our time in Colorado with a trip home coming up later this month.

Enjoy some Mattie pictures!

Her own Peapod tent
Her own Peapod tent
Evie National Champ!
Evie National Champ!