Snow, Petroglyphs, and Arizona Sunsets

Snow in the Desert

January has got off to a somewhat normal start being able to hold the first 3 MBAA races. We have not had any COVID transmission at the events. It helps that they take place outside and everyone is wearing masks.

Evie’s folks spent the month of January down the street from us and got to enjoy the great Arizona winter weather.

Mattie is doing well, a few teeth popping through, 10-months!

Racing resumes in the desert.
Racing resumes in the desert.
Mattie loves to swing!
Mattie loves to swing!
Snow in the desert is always neat, it didn't last long.
Snow in the desert is always neat, it didn’t last long.
Found a natural spring in the mountains behind out house.
Found a natural spring in the mountains behind out house.
And some petroglyphs nearby.
And some petroglyphs nearby.
Testing out the Deuter pack.
Testing out the Deuter pack.
We finally got a rug for the living room.
We finally got a rug for the living room.
Our orange tree is budding out.
Our orange tree is budding out.
Lucy hasn't been forgotten.
Lucy hasn’t been forgotten.
We've had some spectacular sunsets lately.
We’ve had some spectacular sunsets lately.

2020 Draws to a Close

Hiking with Mattie

Mattie is almost 8 months old! She’s crawling everywhere and pulling herself up. She’s always moving.

When we did the turf in the backyard I never thought how great it would be with a kid. I love it even more now. It’s like having another living room. She loves it out there.

I setup a home gym out back and Mattie likes to workout with dad. We have also been going on a lot of Chariot  (bike trailer) rides. I did not realize how great that would be. She pretty much sleeps the entire time, but it’s a great way for her to get in a long nap and me to get some bonus miles.

We cut down our Christmas tree and even cut a Mattie size tree for the patio.

Around the house I’ve been painting some doors and put on new hardware and my dad helped me make a live edge shelf out of a piece of wood from a tree at Evie’s parent’s house. I also added under cabinet lights and tiled the backsplash. Just waiting on our stove.

The MBAA season is suppose to begin next month. As of right now everything is going ahead as scheduled, we’ll see what happens. It’s a little hard to get super motivated to train so in addition to some riding I’ve been doing a lot of backyard workouts and hiking with Mattie to keep it fun.

Happy Holidays!

Kitchen Backsplash
Tiling the backsplash & under cabinet lights.
Live Edge
Wrap around live edge shelf.
Test drove a Tesla Model Y the other day, it’s very fast! (and quiet)

Mattie is 6 Months Old!

Mattie 6 months

Mattie is 6 months old today! She weighed in at 15-lbs 2 oz. So far she is a very social and smiley baby.

I started tallying up all her hikes and trip in the ergo baby, but it became a very large task, she’s been on a LOT of hikes.

We are back in Arizona and things are starting to cool down a bit. A few small house projects on tap and some weekend hikes planned. It’s nice to be at home for awhile.

A few weeks ago I did a 4 day stage race in Colorado Springs called The APEX. It was really well run and was fun to race again after 7 months. Next weekend is The Cactus Cup, rescheduled from March. Mustering up just enough motivation to carry me through, then it’s full on off-season.

I’ve been spending a lot of time getting the MBAA races organized for 2021, things are still looking very socially distant as we head into the new year so a lot of logistic challenges and new race day plans are being formed.

Looking forward to more exploring in Arizona this fall. Cheers!

6 months
6 months old!
Playing in the back yard.
Morning walks
We’ve been going on morning walks to the park with Lucy to play ball.
Mattie had her first pool experience, she even went under water.
Jammie time.
Bike trailer is ready
The bike trailer is all setup and ready to go.
Bath time.