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Finally getting around to a blog update, first one of the new year!

Winter in Pinetop has been downright balmy as compared to Wisconsin. We’ve only had 2 snow storms pass through that dumped 6-8″ each, but with the sun shining, the roads were clear the next day. The ski resort has had its fair share of snows, but we haven’t been over there yet.

Evie and I spent Christmas with my parents back in Antioch, it was nice to visit, but I’m pretty sold on Arizona at this point!

3 reasons you should move to Arizona

  1. It’s always sunny!
  2. There’s lots to do!
  3. Everyday feels like a vacation!

White Mountains Pinetop

I’ve explored a handful of the roads in the area and when you add in the 200+ miles of singletrack plus endless fire roads there’s a ton of riding options right from the house. Driving 45-mins gives you tons of more options from 2000′ climbs to bombing DH style singletrack.

Adjusting to Arizona life has been pretty easy. Along with exploring the White Mountains we’ve spent a few weekends in Sedona and Phoenix, both within a 3-hr drive (for those familiar with Sedona’s “White Line” trail (stunt) I marked the turn with the blue arrow!

White Line Turn

Schnebly Hill Vista Sedona

Pre Sedona Ride

The MBAA (Mountain Bike Association of Arizona) equivalent of WORS started up last weekend. They have a 7 race series that includes a wide variety of courses from desert to dirt. I’m by no means ready to start XC racing, but with Whiskey 50 and Grand Junction on tap for this year, I’ve definitely shifted my training up to be on form in late April.So far it’s been pretty easy to train here with 40 & 50′ degree temps during the day.

We also got a fat bike! We don’t have any snow right now, but riding on the frozen trails is a blast. Looking forward to taking it out on some snow pack soon.


In other bike related news, we’re riding Scott’s this year. Evie and I both got Scott Spark 700 SL’s along with a Genius 740 their 150mm trail bike. Both bikes rock! 650b wheels and 120mm of travel on the Spark makes it a super fun bike to ride. A great climber and awesome on the descents.

Scott Spark 700 SL

Scott Spark Up Close

Four Peaks from McDowell

More in the coming weeks…

Thanks for reading!

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