A New Adventure Awaits!

This year has been pretty incredible. It started off with 3 months in Arizona, followed by my buddy Steve’s wedding in California, Sea Otter w/ Evie and the Linear Sport Crew. That momentum carried me into the racing season placing 2nd at both the Fontana and Wisconsin ProXCT’s. I once again stood on the podium at mtb nationals, and to top it off Evie and I got married! It’s been a busy year to say the least.

I’m excited to begin my newest adventure, which includes a move to Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ sometime next month.

Wedding Party

Fontana US Cup - Tim Racette 2nd Place Cat 1

Lake Tahoe

Tim Racette - Mtb Nationals - Cat 1 - 5th Place

The journey started a few months back when Evie saw an opening for the town manager position. She applied and next thing we knew we were flying out to AZ for the final round of interviews.

Pinetop-Lakeside is an interesting town. It sits at 7000′ up on the Mogollon rim (the southern edge of the Colorado plateau) about 2-hrs east of Flagstaff, 3-hrs NE of Phoenix, a great location. The little mountain town of 4500 people sees cooler temperatures than Phoenix in the summer, but still get’s a little bit of snow in the winter.

The town’s motto is ‘Celebrate the Seasons’ and that’s exactly what the area offers, outdoor activities for every season.

Mountain bike trails out your door, endless fire roads to train on. Long gradual pavement climbs that take you up past 10k feet.

The town itself has a lot of cool little shops and restaurants including a brewery, olive oil shop, and numerous ski shops.

Sunrise Park is about 40-miles from town and offers downhill skiing in the winter with a vertical of 1800′ plus XC skiing at the base. In the summer they run lifts for down hill trails, woo! Excited to check these out.

Overall the area has a lot to offer and Evie and I excited to start a new chapter in our lives. We’ll certainly miss our friends back home (which is only a plane ride away), but we know you’ll want to come visit 🙂

The next few weeks will be filled with finding a place to live, packing, and finishing out the WORS mtb series.

We just got back from the Dakota Five-0 in Spearfish, SD an absolute blast of a weekend. The trails, the people, the food, they’re all amazing. I ended up 12th with a time of 3:59 after a wrong turn took me off course to Old Baldy Summit and back down. Evie finished 4th overall in the women and took home some cash, a sweet flask, and a brand new Quarq XX1 power meter, yeah!

Black HillsI’m currently sitting 6th overall in WORS, hoping to snag a top 5 this weekend at Lake Geneva and cap off the season with one of my favorite courses!

I know I probably won’t get to see everyone before I leave, but rest assured I’ll be back.

Here’s to old friends & new adventures!

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